About Us

Ebony N. Stroder affectionately known as ”E.Styles” found her passion for hair age at the tender age of 12 yrs old. She has been a licensed cosmetologistist for nearly 17 years. Born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, she was destined to be an entrepreneur. Ebony has experience of being a salon owner for 8 years out of her career. For 7 of those years, she worked as a technician and educator for Design Essentials. This kicked opened her heart for sharing and teaching her peers in the beauty industry her infamous hair cutting techniques, and well as her knowledge in professional development. She has hosted and sold out countless Iconic Edge hair seminars and events. Intrigued by the development of product, Ebony later developed her own product line Iconic Edge. She now resides in Houston, Texas and services clients at Iconic Edge Beauty. There she delivers dynamic haircuts, lavish custom color, flawless custom wig units, and more.