Iconic Edge Vitality Growth Oil
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Iconic Edge Vitality Growth Oil

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 ICONIC EDGE Vitality Growth Oil is a custom blended hair oil that penetrates for immediate hydration to the hair shaft. This lightweight formula is excellent for relaxed and natural hair textures. This product thickens and maximizes hair growth, while promoting nourishment and hydration, with a polished look. 


Soybean Oil- Seals hydration and retains natural moisture. Vitamin E rich, Smooths cuticle and gives a softer and shinier appearance. Promotes hair growth by nourishing the hair follicle cells. Has anti-aging effects to stop hair loss, Keeping the scalp supple and increasing your hair's elasticity. 
Grapeseed Oil- Light Oil Moisturizer. Prevents split ends and frizz. Reduces dandruff and dermatitis. Reducing hair loss
Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil- Hemp seed oil contains NO THC and therefore has no narcotic effect. Dryness is reduced in the scalp and blood circulation is improved in the scalp.  Contains fatty acids Omega 3,6, and 9 that are essential for hair growth. Promotes faster hair growth, prevents breakage by strengthening the hair, and rebuilding damaged hair follicles.
Sweet Almond Oil- Stimulates hair growth and minimizes hair loss. Contains vitamins B,  E , A, potassium and Zinc. Aids as a sealant and hair protector.
Ginseng- Increases dermal cells on scalp, which strengthens hair follicles and roots of the hair. Prevents hair from thinning and breakage. Encourages new growth