Iconic Edge Rejuvenate Moisturizer and Curl Definer
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Iconic Edge Rejuvenate Moisturizer and Curl Definer

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 Iconic Edge Rejuvenate Hydrating Moisture Butter restores the proper moisture balance to the hair strand. It is a lightweight creme that eliminates dryness and revitalizes by adding soft sheen. Rejuvenate can be used daily to revitalize chemically treated or natural hair styling. Rejuvenating Hydrating Hair Butter can be used to lubricate a dry scalp before and during hair extension protective styles without clogging the pores. Moisture Butter promotes a proper moisture balance to the scalp and hair strand that aids in hair growth.

Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil- Hemp seed oil contains NO THC and therefore has no narcotic effect. Dryness is reduced in the scalp and blood circulation is improved in the scalp.  Contains fatty acids Omega 3,6, and 9 that are essential for hair growth. Promotes faster hair growth, prevents breakage by strengthening the hair, and rebuilding damaged hair follicles.
Sweet Almond Oil- Stimulates hair growth and minimizes hair loss. Contains vitamins B,  E , A, potassium and Zinc. Aids as a sealant and hair protector.  
A Small Amount of Mineral Oil- Maintains moisture, adds shine, and prevents frizz. It increases the elasticity it the hair strand, adds shine, body and volume to the hair. Mineral oil is a plant based oil that focused on improving the appearance and protecting the external hair structures. Enhances curl formation of natural textures.
Shea Butter- Reduces dryness, has vitamin A&E. It’s anti inflammatory. Repairing the hair and scalp follicles, while promoting and retaining hair growth.