Iconic Edge Nourishing Beard Oil
Iconic Edge Nourishing Beard Oil
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Iconic Edge Nourishing Beard Oil

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Nourishing Beard Oil Moisturizes facial hair, and nourishes the skin underneath. As a double duty styling agent, Iconic Edge Nourishing Beard Oil softens the beard, allows it to be smooth, fresh, strengthens the hair follicle, and promotes beard growth at the same time.  

Grapeseed Oil- Light Oil Moisturizer. Prevents split ends and frizz. Reduces dandruff and dermatitis. Reducing hair loss
Sweet Almond Oil- Stimulates hair growth and minimizes hair loss. Contains vitamins B,  E , A, potassium and Zinc. Aids as a sealant and hair protector.
Ginseng- Increases dermal cells on skin, which strengthens hair follicles and roots of the hair. Prevents hair from thinning and breakage. Encourages new growth
Jojoba Oil- Great for hair loss, a pimple cure, cleanses and nourishes the hair and skin, balances oil by cleansing pores, and prevents premature aging.
Lavender Oil- stress relieving, anti-inflammatory, acne- prevention, and antiseptic